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Bill Cowher Quotes

«Confidence is a very fragile thing, and it certainly is something that has to start with your mental approach and your ability to respond and stay focused and not allow negative thoughts to enter into your own mind. When you're successful, it's easier to expect success. All of a sudden it's not there, it becomes more of a challenge.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«Like I told our guys - this has nothing to do with last year.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«It crossed my mind, but it's irrelevant at this point. I didn't do it and that's the bottom line.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«So what if we won ugly?»
Author: Bill Cowher
«The one thing I liked about Ben was when the game was there in the fourth quarter, he never really fretted. He hung in there and threw a great [46-yard] pass to Lee Mays on the third down [late in the fourth quarter], which I thought was the biggest play of the game.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«I like to think we are getting better ? and we need to. We are starting to get back. Our quarterback is starting to look like he is in rhythm. In practice, he overthrew some guys and I thought this was good because ... his hand is starting to feel pretty good. We got the offense going.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«I grew up here, my parents still live here, and I've been able to raise my girls here. We've been in the same house since 1992 and that's unique in our business. I've got one [daughter] in college, another graduating this year, and one in the ninth grade. If I'm fortunate enough to get them all through high school, I think that would be one of the better achievements of my tenure here.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«Whatever happens, and you kind of deal with the circumstances that you are dealt with. I think, at this point, that is the mindset that we have to have and we will deal with whatever decisions or other choices we have at that time. I am not going to waste any time thinking about that or talking about that.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«I just think that he is making good decisions. He is getting confidence and we feed off him. Ben is a leader out there for us, there is no question about that. I just like the frame of mind that he is in. He is a very focused player right now and he needs to be.»
Author: Bill Cowher
«He's running as well as I've seen him run in recent years. His balance is phenomenal.»
Author: Bill Cowher

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