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Nanci Griffith Quotes

«'s to all the dreamers, may our open hearts find rest.»
Author: Nanci Griffith | Keywords: The Dreamers
«I decided it was time to pay tribute to my own songs, to give them the opportunity to mature and be adult.»
«I was six years old when I learned to play the guitar, and only because I had been trying to learn to play the French horn. I came home one day, and my parents had taken the horn away because they said it was too painful. I highly recommend Taylor guitars. They practically play themselves.»
«Even though my songs may sound very personal, to me most of them are fiction. It is a great way for me to be able to live a fantasy life as a writer because I get to be someone else, someplace else for three and a half minutes, just like the listener.»
«Being a good songwriter means paying attention and sticking your hand out the window to catch the song on the way to someone else's house!»
«Live well. Sing out, sing loud, and sing often. And God bless the child that's got a song.»
«I think that a lot of women are made to feel that they have not done the one thing that they were put on the earth to do if they didn't do the normal thing, if they didn't take the most travelled path. And it's unfortunate.»
«I am a student of nonviolence and a pacifist, ... It's been 30 years since Vietnam. I hope it will not be 30 more years before we can have a bit of peace and reconciliation.»
«Personally speaking, I think that being a folk song writer, which I am, comes with a responsibility to reflect on the social times you are living in, ... That's just what I did in my latest release, Hearts in Mind.»
«Keith's niece was doing makeup for the movie and invited me to the set. I fell in love with 'Our Very Own,' which comes out this fall, ... I told Keith I wanted to write a song for the movie. We got together in L.A. and in 20 minutes, it was done. I think 'Our Very Own' makes a great closer to 'Hearts in Mind.' The movie is set in the mid-1970s in Shelbyville, Tennessee during a massive depression that spread throughout rural America. It is a lovely study of that culture in that time. The words of the song say it all.»