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It is sometimes difficult to be inspired when trying to write a persuasive essay, book report or thoughtful research paper. Often of times, it is hard to find words that best describe your ideas. SwiftPapers now provides a database of over 150,000 quotations and proverbs from the famous inventors, philosophers, sportsmen, artists, celebrities, business people, and authors that are aimed to enrich and strengthen your essay, term paper, book report, thesis or research paper.

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«Some of these guys wear beards to make them look intimidating, but they don't look so tough when they have to deliver the ball. Their abilities and their attitudes don't back up their beards.»
«Estate agents. You can't live with them, you can't live with them. The first sign of these nasty purulent sores appeared round about 1894. With their jangling keys, nasty suits, revolting beards, moustaches and tinted spectacles, estate agents roam the land causing perturbation and despair. If you try and kill them, you're put in prison: if you try and talk to them, you vomit. There's only one thing worse than an estate agent but at least that can be safely lanced, drained and surgically dressed. Estate agents. Love them or loathe them, you'd be mad not to loathe them.»
«If Providence did beards devise, To prove the wearers of them wise, A fulsome goat would then, by nature, Excel each other human creature»
«We have archeology on television, and I quite like it; it?s a sort of detective thing, but it?s really true, you know it?s there? But it?s kind of slow on telly, it has this problem of, ?We?ve been here three weeks on live television, and we?ve taken off about a millimeter of top soil so far?? There?s men with brushes and beards? maybe they?ve just got beards, I?m not sure? ?We found this and carbon-dated it to last Tuesday, so we?re very excited??»
«Chins without beards deserve no honor.»
«And it came to pass the second day after he had slain Gedaliah, and no man knew it, / That there came certain from Shechem, from Shiloh, and from Samaria, even fourscore men, having their beards shaven, and their clothes rent, and having cut themselves, with offerings and incense in their hand, to bring them to the house of the LORD.»
Author: Bible | Keywords: beards, fourscore, Gedaliah, Shechem, Shiloh, slain
«When they told it unto David, he sent to meet them, because the men were greatly ashamed: and the king said, Tarry at Jericho until your beards be grown, and then return.»
Author: Bible | Keywords: beards, David, Jericho, tarries, tarry, tarrying
«Old men and comets have been reverenced for the same reason: their long beards, and pretenses to foretell events»
«Ideas are like beards; men do not have them until they grow up.»
«If I were a woman I would kiss as many of you as had beards that pleased me, complexions that liked me and breaths that I defied not»