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“Non-Classical Civilizations are our Greatest Influence”

Date Submitted: 10/20/2004 11:06:55
Category: / History
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We are influenced by civilizations of the past. Our whole way of life revolves around their developments. They have shaped the current state of our economy, society, and technology. Many think the Greeks and Romans were the civilizations that had the greatest impact. Another view, one I agree with, is that the non-classical civilizations were the ones who paved the way for the future. The technologies the non-classical civilizations developed are the basis of our …

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…ivory, and spices. This allowed communication between different cultures. From them we have inherited and expanded into a truly global economy. The classical civilizations did not make the only, or the greatest, contributions to current society. Many cultures had an impact on our society. We learned and built upon the heritage of an older world, their sciences, trade, and way of life, reflect the non-classical civilizations. We are built on the foundation of the past.

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