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Articles of Confederation (weaknesses) versus Constitution (strengths)

Date Submitted: 07/19/2003 02:01:36
Category: / History
Length: 2 pages (527 words)
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The Constitutional Convention to revise the Articles of Confederation ended up resulting in the overthrow of the Articles and the writing of the Constitution. Originally, the Articles of Confederation had provided America with a loose form of government that gave more power to the states than anything else. While at first this seemed to be the most logical way to govern the new country -- seeing as how they were trying to avoid a central …

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…even the Constitution couldn't solve all the problems of the Articles, it certainly took care of the vast majority. Americans got used to the idea of trusting a central power once again, even if it was what they were trying to get away from being having a revolution in the first place. Scrapping the Articles and devising a Constitution was the first step in the right direction in terms of American democracy and its future.

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