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About all Sharks

Date Submitted: 08/14/2001 23:46:28
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ABOUT ALL SHAKES BY. SHAUN LEVY SHARK FAMILIES: There are more then 350 know species of sharks today, which can all be placed under 8 scientific orders that contain 30 families. They are placed into these categories by their shared characteristics, this is called taxonomy. The more closeley related species are placed in another family in the order. SQUAINIFORMES: The angel shark as they are commonly known are characterized by their RAY like flattened bodies. This order has …

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…a person a shark and sense 200 feet where the blood is coming from. The people most at risk of shark attacks are men from a shipwreck just floating in the open ocean. This is because there are usually large amounts of blood in the water. The most know shipwrecks that involved with sharks in the U.S.S. More then 500 people died by shark attacks. The most common shark that attacks is the blue shark.

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