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The Criminals Of Professional Sports.

Date Submitted: 12/03/2003 17:32:06
Category: / Recreation & Sports
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(Opinion Piece, no sources needed, check for spelling) Drug addicts, murderers, and rapists- cell block C at (insert local prison here)? No, They are professionalathletes that little kids and some adults look up to. Two years ago Darryl Strawberry was convicted of cocaine possession and soliciting a female police officer. Strawberry didn't serve any prision time even though he is a bigger drug addict than the crack head that lives down the street from my …

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…up his live-in girlfriend, twice. Instead of jail time or even a fine, all he's getting is some counseling. Since we're on the subject of criminal football players I'm pretty sure the Cowboys' have more mob connections then the Corleones. Pro athletes have beaten their wives, been caught with over 200 pounds of marijuana, and have been accused of killing their pregnant girlfriends. Are these the people we want little brothers and sisters looking up to?

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