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Prohibition and Its FailuresThis is about Porhibition and how it failed. Prohibition was a time when crime was on the rise. organized crime was established for the first time also.

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Prohibition and Its Failures Prohibition in the United States was a standard intended to reduce drinking. On January 1919, the 18th Amendment took way the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. The 18th Amendment was backed up by the Volstead Act which defined liquor as ant beverage which contained 0.5% alcohol content or more. Prohibition, the experiment that never really succeeded for many reasons. Many leaders were very concerned about the drinking …

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…officials were corrupt and associated with other criminals. Since their wasn't an excise tax on illegal liquor, the U.S. government lost billions of dollar and went in debt. Prohibition the American government severely and the people even worse. Prohibition was so ineffective, that it damaged the people and society it meant to help for thirteen years. In the end the only good thing that happened was the disappearance of old saloons with their vices.

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