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Acid Rain

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:36:48
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Acid rain is a cancer on the face of North America and the World. In the United States, the main sulphuric acid sources are non-ferrous smelters and power generation. On both sides of the border, cars and trucks are the main sources for nitric acid (about 40% of the total), while power generating plants and industrial commercial and residential fuel combustion together make up the rest. In the air, the sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides can …

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…sources account for 40%; power plants, 30%; industrial sources, 25%; and commercial institutions and residues, 5%. What makes these figures particularly distributing is that nitrogen oxide emissions have tripled in the last thirty years. Acid rain is very real and a very threatening problem. Action by one government is not enough. In order for air pollution to be reduced we need to find a way to work together to reduce in the production amount of contaminates contributing to it.

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