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Descartes and Hume

Date Submitted: 02/04/2004 15:27:34
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Skepticism is the philosophical belief that doubts whether or not any of our knowledge is true. Hume as well as Descartes have a complex relationship with skepticism. In several of their works, the philosophers respond to skepticism through the use of skepticism. In Descartes’ Fifth meditation he uses skepticism to address the idea of God. Hume uses skepticism in Section II of the Enquiry in order to discuss the origin of mans idea of God. …

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…is something that is already in our minds, and that we do not assume that God exists, we know he exists, just as we know that one plus one is two. Descartes response is more logical because of the examples he uses in order to relate to the existence of God. The examples Descartes use help to clarify his beliefs about God, and that is why Descartes response is the more successful of the two.

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