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Green Revolution agricultural production revolution

Date Submitted: 04/23/2002 06:55:30
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Falcon, Walter P. August 9-12, 1970. The Green Revolution: Generations of Problems. Economic Development Report. No. 154, 1-30. The Green Revolution refers to dramatic increases in cereal-grain yields in developing countries beginning in the late 1960s. It is due largely to use of genetically improved varieties and short-stemmed, disease-resistant varieties that excelled at converting fertilizer and water into high yields. The improved seeds were instrumental in boosting Mexican wheat production and averting famine in India and Pakistan, …

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…the future will be to forge institutions that can deal simultaneously with the demographic explosion, rapid economic growth and equality of income distribution. The Green Revolution is a primary growth element in the economy and at the same time fostering equity to prevent a descending spiral of violence and repression. If improvements to agriculture output are not made, than the farmers will not increase there income therefore, the economy will be as dire as ever.

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