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Date Submitted: 05/11/2004 20:27:16
Category: / History
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When Columbus' exploration led to the finding of the Americas it was described as the event with one of the greatest impacts in history. The main forces behind this impact are the field of technology, advances in science and medicine and agriculture. When European exploration led to the founding of Americas a great deal of work was done in astronomy. Of course this was because it was a necessity for navigation. This influenced the Europeans …

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…fields. All of these methods are still used today. Indians took on to this and their crops grew outstandingly. These methods served the Indians and were most desirable. The Indians took a feeling of inferiority as they watched their society crumble. The destruction of native life would have made it difficult for future generations to maintain their life. Columbus' exploration and founding of this new world was a powerful incentive and significant to human survival.

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