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1492 Conquest of Paradise Movie Review History Analysis

Date Submitted: 10/09/2004 15:27:46
Category: / History
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The epic voyage of Columbus has been a conscientious topic in recent times. People debate whether Columbus was responsible for the devastating effect that came after his discovery of the new world. In my opinion, Columbus shouldn't be held accountable for the impact of western civilization to the new world. Director Ridley Scott recreates Columbus' voyage to the unknown in his movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise in celebration of his 500th anniversary in the discovery. I …

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…the movie. Vangelis is a noteworthy composer who's style of flamenco guitar and synthesized effects helped the film significantly. Although Columbus led to the discovery of the New World, the Spanish conquistadors has nearly decimated the native population of the Americas but in which created a new hope for people who had been persecuted in Europe. With his courageous effort in proving that the world was round not flat, western civilization has spread further west.

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