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4 forces of flight

Date Submitted: 03/01/2004 02:29:03
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4 forces of flight Have you ever looked up at an airplane and given any thought to the forces that keep it moving and in the air? There are four forces that keep an airplane in the air; they are lift, weight, thrust, and drag. The combination of these helps an airplane sustain flight. The most important of these aerodynamic forces is lift. Without lift, the airplane could not stay in the air. Lift is created …

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…aircraft. Streamlining the aircraft prevents parasite drag. Parts of an aircraft that cannot be streamlined are covered with fairings that have a streamlined shape (Levy). These are the four aerodynamic forces that must be present in order to achieve flight. With each force there is an opposing force. Therefore, some reaction must take place is an opposing force changes in pressure. A reaction and counter-reaction of these forces when in correct proportions, achieve sustained flight.

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