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4 page thesis paper on malcolm x. why he had become a racist

Date Submitted: 06/29/2004 23:10:15
Category: / Society & Culture
Length: 5 pages (1338 words)
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Malcolm X Malcolm X was an inspirational public speaker and leader. He was also a distinguished campaigner for racial equality and African American rights. Although, amongst some people, he was considered a nurtured racist. Growing up in a world with racism directed at him all the time, Malcolm X began to direct his own racism at the white man. He decided to change the attitudes of people, making them think it was time for things …

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…against the white man into his head. Nobody deserves to be treated the way Malcolm was as a young child. This still doesn't give him the right to become a racist.. This was a hypercritical event that happened to him. People were racist towards him, and then he was racist towards them. Two wrongs don't make a right. He knew how it felt and shouldn't have made people feel the same way that he did.

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