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A Dry White Season

Date Submitted: 12/14/2002 09:55:04
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A Dry White Season According to the New Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, the word naïve means, having or displaying a simple or trusting nature; lacking experience; lacking careful judgement or analysis; unsophisticated; credulous. In modern times the word is stereotypically used to refer to adolescence who think and feel that they know everything there is to know, yet lack the experiences to support their ideas. However in the film A Dry White …

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…all that the world has to offer. It is not until we step out of the cave that we realize all the wonderful things we have been missing out on. In this case knowing that Africans are being treated unfairly in South Africa is not necessarily a wonderful thing to know, but at least an individual is no longer blinded by his/her unfamiliarity, and can not hurt the cause any further by remaining stagnant.

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