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A balanced essay that defines racism, classism and sexism and presents what in my view are the best remedies for all three.

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Defend your opinion with argument and reference to earlier readings and the movies, but do not repeat what you have written in earlier papers. If you wish, you may in this essay discuss how your views have changed over the term or in ways opinions with which you began the course have gotten stronger. A researcher asked a man his opinion of a certain ethnic group. "They are moody and quick-tempered," he replied. "It is …

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…us from 'speaking injuriously' of others, and enjoy an international brotherhood that crosses all the racism, classism, and sexism boundaries of this world. Bibliography Conley Dalton; "Race Class and Gender," 2001 Demones Martins; "Child Development," 1987 Frederick Samuels; " Racial Differences in," 1992 Gordon W. Allport "The Nature of Prejudice", 1990 Herman, J. Debbie; Parents magazine, 1981 Konte John; "The Political Theory of Discrimination," 1983 Marguerite Duras, "The Lover", 1999 Stanley Lieberson; Psychology Today. 2001 Today's English Version, Bible. 1996 Zack Naomi; "Thinking About Race," 1998

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