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A biography of Albert Camus and the theory of Existentialism

Date Submitted: 07/10/2002 08:29:18
Category: / Society & Culture / People
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A Biography of Albert Camus Albert Camus was a French-Algerian novelist, essayist, dramatist, and journalist and a Nobel laureate. He was born in Algeria to a French father and Spanish mother. After his father was killed in WWI, he was raised in poverty by his grandmother and mother. He was forced to end his studies and limit his life in theatre as a playwright, director, and actor due to tuberculosis. He then turned his interest …

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…of an objective observer. This emphasis on the perception of individual agent also made existentialists suspicious of systematic reasoning, causing existentialist writers to deliberately unsystematic in revealing their philosophies and expressing themselves in dialogues, parables and other literary forms. One of the most prominent themes of such writing is that of humanity’s freedom of choice, which is inescapable. Because of this, humans must accept the risk and responsibility of their decisions and their consequences.

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