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A river run through it

Date Submitted: 09/17/2001 12:05:52
Length: 3 pages (875 words)
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A River Runs Through it When two brothers grow up in the same house, many questions are asked such as: Will the two be the same, or will they be different? Will either grow up to be successful, or will one be a disappointment? Will one receive more attention from their parents? Will one stray off their fatherís path, or is it possible for both to stay in line? All of these questions are …

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…The two boys differed in almost everything they did maybe because of how they were raised or maybe just to be different from one another to get their own unique attention. Whatever the reason they were still brothers and what they did in their lives was significant to themselves and the life they led. The boys love from people, their attention from their father, and their education make them the individual people that they are.

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