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Adam Smith vs. John Maynard Keynes

Date Submitted: 12/02/2001 00:03:18
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Adam Smith vs. John Maynard Keynes Economics was a subject of which few thought about consciously until the eighteenth century. It is true that since the beginning of time people have used economics, but it was seldom given any thought. When a caveman traded a buffalo for a new club he did not have the knowledge that he affected the entire caveman economy and their way of life. Adam Smith is accredited as being the …

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…Smith's classic economics. The nation's economy is much too important to be left up to the invisible hand. Policies are required to make sure that the country continues to prosper. Work Cited Colander, David. Macroeconomics. New York: MaGraw-Hill, 2001. Commerce, Center for Electronic. "Market-Based Constraint Management (MarCon)." (2001); 15 Aug 2002. <> Smith, Adam. "The Wealth of Nations." (2001); 15 Aug 2002. <>

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