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Albert Einstein.

Date Submitted: 10/19/2004 16:02:37
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Albert Einstein is considered the most important physicist in the 1900's and one of the most respected scientist of all time. In his lifetime he was known and recognized for his theories as a theoretical physicist. As a physicist Einstein contributed more to the field of space-time relativity than any other scientist. Even outside the field of relativity he is considered one of the greatest minds to inhabit the earth. In fact Einstein's IQ as …

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…feelings, which by the way were extremely down. The cause was the death of almost his whole family line. He had lost his mom, two wives, stepdaughter Ilse and his son Eduard had died, most likely in the war. The only ones that were alive were his son Hans and stepdaughter Margot. Hans was a professor at Berkley University and his stepdaughter remained with him in Princeton. In April 18, 1955 the great Albert Einstein passed away.

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