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American History X

Date Submitted: 02/24/2002 22:41:45
Length: 4 pages (1098 words)
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American History X: Shower Scene Synopsis: The shower scene takes place in Derek’s’ bathroom in his mothers’ apartment after he gets out of jail. As the scene opens we see Derek’s hand on the showerhead and the soundtrack is inspiring us to feel his pain and sorrow with slow whimsical strings and a distant piano. There is diagetic sound of the shower very low and in almost hidden under the score. As the …

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…same stupid mistakes. The scene ends with a close-up of Derek looking into his own eyes. And he can see that this is what he wants, a change. It is time to get on with life and forget all that he knew of hate and look at life anew. The music comes to a close and we feel that from the score that he is reborn, a new person, and cleansed of his hatred, fully.

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