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An analysis of Paul Fussell's 'Troglodyte World'.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:23:06
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Life in a World War One trench would have been far more hellish than any other experience in previous times. In those days, little thought would have been given to the men fighting the battles; instead it went into the battle plans. In theory, these battle plans would have been successful, but with variables such as troop morale, battlefield conditions, weather, and enemy advances, in practice they had a high failure rate. No commander or …

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…secondary source. One could use the sources contained within as primary, and then use Fussell's commentary on the situation as a secondary source. It is clearly evident that Fussell has accumulated all these sources for a specific reason - his book can be referred to as a veritable 'tome' of information for research, providing a generally neutral commentary on the War, as well as giving examples of the sentiment of each side towards one another.

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