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Analysis of Wales tourism.

Date Submitted: 03/14/2001 09:38:22
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SWOT Analysis of Wales Strengths ·The scenery, natural environment, heritage and distinctive Welsh culture continue to have strong appeal in the UK and overseas. Wales can offer a stress free antidote to the pressures of modern life. It has three National Parks (Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire Coast and Brecon Beacons) and has areas of outstanding natural beauty. ·Wales is accessible to all UK markets. ·Wales can offer a wide range of activity including walking, fishing, golf and …

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…aims should be introduced: ·To reassure potential customers that Wales still has many treasures for them to enjoy even while the Foot and Mouth Outbreak continues. ·To provide reasons to visit. ·To provide a platform to enable individual businesses and products to be communicated with potential visitors. ·To provide sources of further information in advance to assist potential customers in the planning and booking of a visit. ·To promote advice on how to visit responsibly.

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