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"Army Rangers Taliban Terminators". This essay is about the history of the Army Rangers trainning,history and recent missions.

Date Submitted: 10/12/2001 21:25:38
Category: / Law & Government / Military
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The Army Rangers Taliban Terminators Exploding hand grenades and being fired at by the enemy is all apart of war. In war there is always a Army, Navy, and a Air force. These all would be key for a victory, back in the 1800s. But its the 21st century and military tactics have changed. Armies no longer fight in rows marching toward the enemy. Today guerrilla tactics are used to weaken whole platoons. To defend …

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…this essay right now 2nd and 3rd battalion are in Afghanistan fighting for us. This is whyI think that being a Army Ranger is a very honorable job. It is the most elite and best trained force in the world. As the Rangers fought off the communist in Korea, the Rangers will fight and terminate the Taliban. And the country of Afghanistan will be free of people like Osama Bin Laden because of the Rangers.

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