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Art Appreciation

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:24:26
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Compare and Contrast <Tab/>The two works of art which I have chosen are; 1) Two Falcons and 2) Standing Hawk. Standing Hawk was produced during the late Dynastic period, 664 - 525 B.C.E. Two Falcons was produced during the Ptolemaic period, 305 - 30 B.C.E. Both figures are examples of the Egyptian God Horus. The name Horus comes from the Egyptian word Hor, which translates as 'face'. We find him worshipped as …

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…when Pharaohs ruled the land and were almost all-holy. Works Cited Two Falcons. Retrieved 25 February 2005 from Standing Hawk, Retrieved 25 February 2005 from Sporre, Dennis J. The Creative Impulse; An Introduction to the Arts. 2003. Page 30 Egypt Art. Retrieved 25 February 2005 from Pantheon. Retrieved 25 February 2005 from

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