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BEAUTY, what is beauty?

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:36:30
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Beauty The emergence of aesthetics as a distinct part of philosophy is part of the process of subjectification: beauty becomes solely a matter of subjective feeling, of taste. Art works are reduced to the contingencies of their reception. An aesthetics based on subjectivity has no way of articulating the truths in the work of arts that goes beyond their reception at a particular time. Aesthetic judgments for Kant rely upon the fact that the object …

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…the end of the matter. For this is what the word 'subjective' signifies like; 'Here ends science', here be monsters'. Ugly can be Beautiful. The Ugly is not what is not accordance with the soul, is that which has not been completely mastered by pattern, by ideal form, as divine, resents and shrinks form (An ugly soul is one abandoned to bodily sensation, one which abandons its true nature:" in self ignorance we are ugly")

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