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Beliefs of the ancient egyptians.

Date Submitted: 07/26/2002 18:45:13
Category: / History / Ancient History
Length: 10 pages (2735 words)
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Roy Baharav RPHL 11 Dr. Brier It is safe to say that the world in which we live has been impacted time and time again by previous civilizations; however, to also safe to say that modern studies do not put a great emphasis when it comes to studying those cultures. The sands of history are filled with countless footsteps that contain a plethora of information vital to the knowledge of where we all came from and …

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…cultures throughout history have answered their evidence lacking questions with stories of mythology, buy this imprint had to begin some place. The Greeks had their gods and the Romans had theirs, all the way down the line to the bible. 10 Every major culture has/had their beliefs concerning the seemingly unanswerable; however, without the blueprint left by the fascinatingly mystical ancient Egyptians, their explanations for life's most daunting queries might have a completely different spin.

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