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Biochemical warfare

Date Submitted: 08/26/2003 19:49:47
Category: / Law & Government / Military
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Biochemical warfare has come a long way since 1915 when it was invented. Biochemical warfare is the deployment of a toxic substance that is designed to kill plants, animal, or even people. It was first used during World War 1. Both sides used these weapons and both sides had a lot of people dead. Today's weapons have become stronger. Now people can use chemical weapons with missile, airplanes, and even grenades. These chemical weapons are normally absorbed …

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…life since the turn of the century. Biochemical warfare has been involved in most of the wars since 1915. It has moved into terrorism and has affect many people. Even are own soldiers. Terrorists are now using biochemical weapons. It is scary knowing that a pin drop of a chemical can have a person dead in only a few hours. We and only we can stop biochemical warfare. Who knows the future holds for this evil.

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