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Caesar: A Man of Power. History essay proving why Julius Caesar was a great leader and so successful in his political rise in Rome.

Date Submitted: 04/04/2002 04:09:29
Category: / History / European History
Length: 3 pages (872 words)
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Gaius Julius Caesar was a superior leader who stood above the rest even after his untimely death. He was both an intellectual and courageous. These characteristics gave him an early lead in his political life. He not only changed the lives of Romans of his time, but also left his imprint on the world for centuries to come. Being an intelligent and very well educated man, it was not difficult for Caesar to gain respect …

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…but his ideas can be credited with shaping the democratic world of today. Bibliography Akinde, Michael O. "Politics." Gaius Julius Caesar. 2 July 2001. 5 March 2002. <>. Coolidge, Olivia. Lives of Famous Romans. USA : Olivia E. Coolidge, 1965. Isenburg, Irwin. Caesar. New York, New York : American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc., 1964. Unknown. "Julius Caesar, Our Next Great Leader." Vote Julius Caesar. 5 March 2002. <>

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