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Case study: Outback Goes International

Date Submitted: 01/09/2003 10:27:54
Category: / Business & Economy
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Outback Goes International Executive Summary As a conglomerate, Outback must be able to overcome the complexity of expanding into international markets. The company's commitment to continue its fast paced growth will require them to develop a strategy for expansion and operations in different global regions throughout the world. In developing a business strategy, Outback must create guidelines to ensure success in these new and diverse markets abroad. It is my view that Outback should implement …

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…ways to cut cost while increasing value without affecting quality. ·Form tighter relationship with suppliers and have them build plants abroad to ensure quality ingredients. There are many challenges a company must face when deciding to expand into international markets. The implementation of this strategy will require a great deal of commitment from all the individuals throughout the company. The business strategy must align with the strategies of the company, business units and functional levels.

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