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Causes of the Civil War

Date Submitted: 11/16/2004 05:15:39
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Cause of the Civil War When it comes to the question of why the Civil War was caused, several theoretical answers arise. One common theory is that the Civil War resulted because the North and South became two different societies, with different cultural norms. From my perspective, this is the main fact that sparked the Civil War. One critical difference between the North and South was the view on slavery. While anti-slavery feelings were on …

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…the Civil War, it surely was not the only cause. The economic battles between each side were ongoing. The North was mainly urban and industrial, while the South consisted mainly of wealthy landowners. This led to a debate regarding state's rights, property, and right to secede. The cause of the Civil War can best be stated as Abe Lincoln said in 1861. He exclaims that the reason for this "inevitable" war is "to preserve the union."

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