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Chronological Issues And Their Philosophical Solutions A comparison of 3 European Thinkers and their writtings: John Locke, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, and Niccolo Machiavelli.

Date Submitted: 08/01/2002 17:08:12
Category: / History / European History
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Chronological Issues And Their Philosophical Solutions Throughout history, there have been many philosophers who have looked at their environments, all seeking the remedies to the social, economic, and political problems faced by its people. Among them are Niccolo Machiavelli, John Locke, and Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels. Each of the authors' ideas and writings are influenced by, and reflect, the problems that they faced during their time. This difference in the temporal environment created oppositions …

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…by Marx and Engels, would have caused a decline in central power in Machiavelli's time, which would have increased the threat of foreign invasion. Each philosopher sought to find an answer to the problems faced by his society at a given time. Bibliography Locke, J. (1986) The Second Treatise On Civil Government. Prometheus Books, New York. Machiavelli, N.(1992) The Prince. Northon & Company, New York. Marx, K; Engels, F. (1948) The Communist Manifesto. International Publishers, New York.

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