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Civil War Cell phones.

Date Submitted: 03/12/2004 00:28:45
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By John Gray May 6,2003 Mr. Fiddler 6th period Civil War Cell phones "Remember back in the days?" This is a famous quote by many of the older generations, which came before us. However, really if you think about it they are a bit spoiled; they had it much better than earlier generations. They had telephones, etc. not like the much older generations. With war looming in Iraq just think how much more difficult it was …

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…used with radios. The encipher sends the message that can only be read by someone with a corresponding decipher. Therefore, the enemy may intercept the message but they will not be able to read it. Really if you think about it, communication has totally revolutionized warfare. We can now communicate almost instantly meaning that modern warfare can take place almost instantly. Wars now may be fought in days, not years, but with much more destruction!

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