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Compare and Contrast Human nature in Prelude and Don Juan. Woodsworth and Byron

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:44:41
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Compare and contrast William Wordsworth's and Lord Byron's views of human nature revealed in their poetry. In what sense can these views be considered 'Romantic'? Support your analysis with illustrations from The Prelude and Don Juan. INTRO The 19th Century, it is well known as the Romantic period in English Literature. ciety. This unbridled passion in Romantic poets led to literature that depicted emotional matter in an imaginative form, with passion for nature, life and …

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…cliche -- "What then? I do not know, no more do you." Part of our displeasure comes from our Wordsworthian conditioning, that is, that wandering leads to divination of some truth when translated by the poet's discerning mind. Byron half mocks Wordsworth here in his pointless ramble and may even be thumbing his nose at Shelley by employing the conventional answer rather than striving to discover and express the "before unapprehended relations of things" --

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