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Comparing and Contrasting United States and International Tax Systems

Date Submitted: 10/11/2004 19:27:13
Length: 4 pages (1042 words)
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Tax Systems The most important source of a government's spending money is the taxes it collects from its people. There are a number of different systems a government can use to collect taxes. A few of the most common systems are national sales tax, flat tax and marginal tax. National sales tax is a system in which the tax is on goods people buy, and the revenue goes to the government. Flat tax is a …

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…up being unfair to low income Americans. Our system may have its flaws, but it is nothing that is irreparable. It needs to be modified, simplified, and secured, but not trashed. Besides, it is the American way. It may be expensive, but we're America, the best damn country in the world, and we can afford it. After all, a country gets what it pays for and no good tax system is going to be cheap.

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