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"Computer Security"

Date Submitted: 09/09/2003 07:18:26
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Computer Security Many commercial packages are designed with security features that control who can access the computer. These types of access controls use a process called identification and authentication. Identification verifies that the user is a valid user, and authentication verifies that the user is who he or she claims to be. Three common methods of authentication are remembered information, possessed objects, and biometric devices. With remembered information, a user is required to enter a …

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…techniques to secure it from accidental or intentional misuse. In addition, the organization should review the techniquesin place regularly to determine if they are still appropriate. Works Cited Baker, Jamie D. and Cynthia I. Danville. : Security, Ethics, and Privacy." Computers and Society Journal Feb. 1999: PG 29-47. Price, Karen E. "Identification and Authentication Controls." Word 97, Project 3. (31 Aug. 1999). Victors, Michael R. The computer Auditor. St. Louis: Green Valley Publishing Company, 1999.

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