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Conscription. A perrsuasive speech designed to explain the dangers in draft sign up. Includes several presidential quotes.

Date Submitted: 06/10/2002 10:49:50
Category: / Law & Government / Military
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Conscription 1980: Jimmy Carter begins registering young men 18 years of age for a possible draft. The cold War is raging; NATO confronts a numerically superior Warsaw Pact, the Russian communists invade Afghanistan, Iran is holding American hostages, and US confidence is slipping. 2002:There is no Soviet Union, No more conflict over who is the superpower, no credible evidence of possible global conflict, communism is all but deceased, Washington's DemocraticCapitalist allies dominate key regions around the globe, …

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…defense problems" and by annihilating "the very values that our society is committed to defending". President Bill Clinton, who himself worked so hard to evade service in Vietnam, announced his opposition to congressional proposals to end the draft sign-up. Enlistment is, he explained "essential to our national security". To conclude I ask that you reevaluate your support or even opposition to conscription. Then taking whichever course of action that you feel to be morally sound.

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