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Constitutional Law: Racial Profiling

Date Submitted: 09/19/2003 04:38:04
Category: / Society & Culture
Length: 7 pages (1792 words)
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There are several controversial issues surrounding racial profiling and the various problems that are encountered as a result of it. One issue is whether or not racial profiling exists. Most law enforcement departments refuse to undergo a study and they deny that racial profiling exists. These problems, coupled with the status of literature regarding this topic at this point, are more unreliable than scientific. In addition, the topic is controversial because the United States believes …

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…upheld. September 20, 2002. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: Jefferson - Enlightenment: Brown v. Board of Education - concerning racial segregation in public schools, and this Supreme Court decision. September 20, 2002. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: Giving Effect to Equal Protection: Adarand Constructors, Inc. Retrieved from the World Wide Web:

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