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Could war with Iraq be Vietnam II? In this paper you find out the similarities between the situation the United States faces now compared to the situation they faced in Vietnam.

Date Submitted: 06/14/2004 21:08:18
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Could war with Iraq be Vietnam II? "We seem bent upon saving the Vietnamese from Ho Chi Minh, even if we have to kill them and demolish their country to do it.... I do not intend to remain silent in the face of what I regard as a policy of madness which, sooner or later, will envelop my son and American youth by the millions for years to come." George McGovern, speech to U.S. …

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…the road, because Iraq will take out who ever they have the power to take out; this has been shown by Iraq in the Iran- Iraq war and the annexation of Kuwait. In Vietnam we went in and took action before examining if this tactic would be best way to fight, this mistake cannot be repeated. We must look at Iraq and truly examine the situation before we turn the Iraq situation into Vietnam II.

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