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Crime and Justice in American History- (significant court cases and laws that help or discourage the rights of criminals)

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November 13, 2002 Crime and Justice in American History In April of 1994, Tanya Watson who was convicted of minor drug charges gave birth while shackled to a prison bed and surrounded by policemen. They refused to let her hold her baby after birth. Millions of women in the American prison system are beaten and raped each day. Thousands of juveniles are forced to labor and are separated from their families. Countless racial minorities convicted of crimes are …

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…attempt to reform the federal government's interpretation of the first Ten Amendments and grant more civil rights to those people accused of a crime. Some of the most famous of these rulings are the Miranda vs. Arizona case, Powell vs. Alabama, and Map vs. Ohio. All of these essential trials occurred in during the time of Warren Court, the first Supreme Court, during the mid 1900s and all enhanced the protection and rights of criminals.

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