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Critical Thinking and Decision Making. Let it pour: A critical thinking case study

Date Submitted: 11/05/2004 08:35:32
Category: / Business & Economy
Length: 5 pages (1309 words)
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Let it pour: A critical thinking case study There is growing problem that is facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. From administrative staff members down to the nurses and doctors, all personnel have lost the intent and scope of the vision. With the different agendas that are being introduced into the daily operations, it has become a very difficult task for the management team and the various members of its support staff to …

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…determine a course of action. By understanding the how to critically analyze and effective make decisions, the organization should be able to efficiently find solutions to their problems. Faith Community needs to establish a critical thinking process and institute methods that will tackle adversity and derision in the ranks. References McCall, M. W., Jr., & Kaplan, R. E. (1990). Whatever it takes: The realities of managerial decision making (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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