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Culture shock.

Date Submitted: 07/06/2004 16:04:57
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"Preparing for a two year overseas assignment in Lagos, Nigeria, a U.S. business person during the 1970's submitted to no fewer than 27 shots as a protective measure against everything from yellow fever to hepatitis. Although he managed to avoid any dreaded tropical disease during his assignment, he contracted one malady for which there was no vaccination. The disease was culture shock". (Ferraro, 1998, 130) "Critically analyse why a manager working abroad might experience culture shock and …

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…sensitive to the cultural variance enables the sojourner to better understand the context of why their foreign counterparts act in certain ways or demand certain items in negotiations. Better cultural understanding gives informational knowledge, in essence, about the host country and culture. This information can assist them in better executing their work tasks and by knowing that culture shock may be present and is not a permanent disease will hopefully reduce their symptoms. Word Count: 3152

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