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Descartes view on what is real

Date Submitted: 08/02/2004 02:08:01
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In meditation one Descartes contemplates "what can be called into doubt". What he is doing is questioning if what we see and experience is real or if we are being deceived. Perception is something that is our own. The way that one person sees something may be completely different to someone who is standing right next to them. In one passage Descartes questions if beliefs are impossible even though they are derived from the senses. …

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…in order to experience it. The one true determination of what is real and what is not, and if Descartes theory holds any value, is something that we currently cannot answer. It belongs with the questions, what happens when we die and what is our purpose in life. The debate over our perceptions, and the possibility of deception in dreams are curious, but I am comfortable that what I believe reality to be is real.

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