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Discuss how F. Mernissi interprets the reasons for the "descending of the veil" in Medina during the Prophet's life.

Date Submitted: 12/28/2004 08:46:43
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The selected readings in "The Veil and the Male Elite" shed a different perspective on reasons of the descending of the veil. Mernissi's accurate knowledge in the field as well as continuous use of substantial support for her reasoning as to why the veil was descended appeals to me more than anything I have read before. The veil or hijab is basically a head wrapping that covers the women's face as well as hair only …

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…think Mernissi would agree with me however that the Hejab wasn't intended to be applied in our modern day practical life because as civilized as we are now the concepts and norms have changed enough that women aren't periodically rapped because they are of a lower class. Muhammad reacted unusually to a rather unusual problem. The descending of the veil seems justified in the matter of protecting the women in Medina from the assaulting men.

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