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Discuss the Rise of Rome and the impact of external expansion on internal politics.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2004 11:31:03
Category: / History / European History
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During the 200s and 100s B.C., Rome expanded overseas. First they conflicted with the sea power and trading center on the coast of northern Africa, Carthage. They fought over the Mediterranean Sea in the Punic Wars. In the first war, Rome conquered Sicily, and made it the first Roman province, and also conquered Sardinia and Corsica. In the second, the Carthaginian general, Hannibal, and his army won several battles after coming over the Alps …

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…away. They fought each other for rule. Antony sought support from the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, and fell in love. Octavian beat the two in 31 B.C. in the Battle of Actium. The Romans conquered Egypt the next year. Despite Augustus' power, he refrained from being called an emperor. After almost 20 years of continuous fighting, the republic had been destroyed. A strong central power was the only way Rome was going to succeed any further.

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