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Discussion on the Secularism of Turkey in it's politics, culture and international relations.

Date Submitted: 04/27/2004 12:27:54
Length: 13 pages (3486 words)
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The Republic of Turkey: Secularism at the Crossroads of Europe and Asia The area of modern day Turkey has always been the crossroads of Europe, and Asia. The land has been the home to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Having been split up between two continents, and three different religions, it is a unique place considering it's past and potential. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States reports that the Republic of Turkey has a …

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…be its human rights issues and economic conditions. The Kurdish people should be considered as component to the mainstream of the Turkish economy. The Republic of Turkey today presents excellent opportunities for geo-political stability in its region of the world. European and Western nations must begin to bring Turkey to the mainstream of Western economic and political power sharing to avoid the potentials for strife that has been witnessed so frequently before in that region.

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