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Do Violent Video Games corrup the Youth? Answerd with both sides view.

Date Submitted: 03/06/2003 01:28:24
Category: / Social Sciences / Education
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The question is do violent video games corrupt young mind, and if so should we ban them? Some say that the answer is yes, It has been proven that violent video games do affect the behavior of the youth,and yes it should be banned. The party that oposes this view says "It is proven that smoking affects your lungs, shouldn't we outlaw it also then. Very good response to the question at hand, but …

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…that people who drink it have turned out to be a menace to society. How would you feel about that, take that into mind when you consider wether the games should be banned. Frankly i feel that any chance of violent games being banned is slim to none, and if it is banned American citizens should really take a step back an look at what America is doing....taking our guaranteed rights away from us.

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