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Economic Picture of Great Britain 2003 This is an economic report on the United Kingdom going into details using current 2002 stats.

Date Submitted: 05/02/2002 10:05:52
Length: 13 pages (3643 words)
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Table of Contents: Page Legal Report: Laws on investment/ export/ intentional business4 Foreign ownership4 Trade organizations:5 Human Rights in the Work Force6 Economic Report: Type of Tax System:9 Stock Market9 GDP10 Currency:10 Natural economic resources11 Trade sectors and distribution channels11 Stability of currency 13 GDP/capita13 GDP Growth14 GDP by sector14 Inflation Rate15 Importing partners and Products16 Exporting Partners and producers16 Income distributing17 Workforce Composition18 Stability of economy18 Unemployment Rate18 Employment Rate19 Participation Rate19 Labour Force …

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