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Ethics of Engineers.

Date Submitted: 05/30/2003 16:44:07
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Engineers have an obligation to society to protect the public welfare. The public has endowed engineers, through indirect tax base, with the means for obtaining an education and, through legislation, the means to license and regulate themselves. Engineers have a responsibility to protect the safety and well being of the public in all of their professional efforts. As engineers test designs for ever-increasing speeds, loads, capacities and the like, they must be made aware of …

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…it and abide by it as if it is the bible. Otherwise many lives can be put in danger when a system is flawed. The profession needs a high standard of ethics and the engineers must uphold these standards otherwise the public will not respect engineers. Being a software engineer carries with it great responsibilities, we have the power to shape the world through the use of technologies. We must wield this power with care.

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